Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Xen Zil - Report From ICON 27

Geek-at-large, Xen Zil, reported from the ICON at Stony Brook University on Long Island. Xen reported that this year’s ICON seemed to have been revitalized with such high-profile guests as Ray Park, Billy West and Michio Kaku. Here are some sample quotes fed to us as he wandered around the campus shooting pictures, video and “wearing my SciFryGuys shirt and a Farscape hat.”

First off, Xen said that podcasting is virtually nonexistent at the ICON once again this year. “Gotta start podcasting again,” he said of our joint venture that pod-faded. “They REALLY need a podcast track at the ICON.”

He also gave his unscientific assessment that “at least 30% of the people there” were wearing costumes. “Holy cow... more costumes than ever,” he said.

He posted his digital photos on Flickr.

Among the highlight, he saw:

“Ray Park teach someone to do Darth Maul lightsaber moves. (Video to follow.) Billy West giving advice on how to become a voice actor along with a woman who was discovered at a past ICON! (Video to follow.) and Michio Kaku recite a Robert A Heinlein Story (All you Zombies) to illustrate the time travel paradox - but didn't give the author credit! (v to f.)”

Of all the promised videos, we have exactly one already up on YouTube.

He also said that he saw “some VERY big model rockets and Tim Russ (Tuvok) being very boring (no video - why bother?)” and he felt that “the dealer’s room was dying the last few times I was there, but now it's more crowded and active than ever.”

Xen closed with a story about Ray Park’s visit:

“Funny - Ray Park was late, and they had the guy who was supposed to hold Mic and roam the audience stall for 45 minutes. Fortunately, he was a Podcaster (the only one who was there as a guest) AND a long time ICON organizer, so he did a real good job of stalling. (Doctor Who podcast). I think he missed his own panel because Ray Park was late - really late - days late. Didn't get there until 2pm on Sunday. Said the director wanted one more shot on Friday, and he got it. Playing Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe Then had airline troubles on Sunday. All in all, it was lucky for the fans that he even came.”

He also had breaking news: ICON moves to Suffolk Community College, Brentwood next year!

Finally he had this last one thing to report:

"I saw the Brobdingnagian Bards too."

Thanks Xen, and we look forward to that Ray Park video.

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