Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is This (Finally) The Beginning Of Ender’s Game?

by Lon S. Cohen

Ender’s Game is a great freakin’ novel. It rocks. Others may disagree with me but I actually found Speaker For The Dead to be a superior novel to Ender’s Game. Regardless (or irregardless?) I have been hearing about the movie version to Ender’s Game for almost ten years now, if not more. If I remember correctly, Orson Scott Card once speculated that Jake Lloyd (Young Anakin Skywalker) might play Ender. Obviously that’s not going to be a possibility anymore, thanks be to the gods.

i09 is reporting that Wolfgang Petersen is now no longer attached to the project. The production company hopes to begin shooting the film next year but haven’t we heard that before. They better start before Card runs out of Shadow Of The… titles for his sequel/prequels.

Not to knock Card though. He’s probably one of my favorite Science Fiction authors of all time. I loved the Ender’s series (except the very last book), the Seventh Son books and the Homecoming series.

Read the i09 post at light speed.

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