Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Latest BSFWA Articles

As always I am honored to be invited to write monthly articles and reviews for the British Science Fiction Writers Association.

Who Wants To Be An Early Adopter Anyway?

In this article I have commented on the themes behind most futuristic stories and why it may seem that science fiction stories of all types seem like they are dealing with people who adopt the latest technology they really deal with people like you and me who are living in a world that seems normal to them with technology that works more or less in a reliable way. Unless, of course the moral of the story is that you can't mistreat powerful and untested technology.

Spiderman 3 Review & Ghost Rider Review

In this article I have given my review of Spiderman 3. There are SPOILERS in here so if you haven't seen the movie and care about those things don't read it. But if you've seen it, read away. (I have also included the review I did for Ghost Rider, which I had previously sent out but is not all prettied up by the editors at The Matrix.)

As always, I retain all the rights for the articles in the Matrix. Additionally, it is an honor to be invited to write for the British Science Fiction Writers Association as many professional writers, editors, and publishers in Britain subscribe to their publications and are members.

If there is any interest in publishing these articles in the United States please contact me. Please be aware that this has gone out to multiple sources and readers on my email list for consideration.


Lon S. Cohen