Saturday, October 21, 2006 Serves 1 Million Downloads

A free site that serves up podcasted novels hit a milestone the other day, it passed the 1 million download mark! Its good to see the worlds of audiobooks and podcasting starting to make some traction out there.

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Friday, October 13, 2006


After more than thirty years as a punk rock venue that began the careers of legends like Blondie and the Ramones, CGBG is closing its doors on October 15th. A moment of silence for this New York City institution that will probably become a Starbucks or a Gap. It’s a shame. I think that those who made their fortunes starting out in this place should take on the new lease and at least convert it into a cool museum slash used record shop, if they must they can serve coffee in the front.

Started in 1977 by Hilly Kristal CBGB became the place to go for new, live music. In the early Seventies, believe it or not, there were few venues for new bands to go on stage and just do their thing. CBGC filled that gap. Now music proliferates the scene but it was a dark time in New York back then with Middle Class flight and the degradation of the inner cities. (Good time to buy Real Estate though if you could wait long enough.)

Through the years bands like the Agnostic Front to Talking Heads, Police and The Dead Boys to Urge Overkill and almost everyone in between have played at CBGB.

From the CBGB website:

“The question most often asked of me is, "What does CBGB stand for?" I reply, "It stands for the kind of music I intended to have, but not the kind that we became famous for: COUNTRY BLUEGRASS BLUES." The next question is always, "but what does OMFUG stand for?" and I say "That's more of what we do, It means OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING GORMANDIZERS." And what is a gormandizer? It's a voracious eater of, in this case, MUSIC.” – Hilly Kristal.

Hilly is moving everything from the walls to the urinals to a new location in Las Vegas. Anything he can’t move he expects to sell on eBay.

CBGB 1973-2006.