Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing

by Lon S. Cohen

Ain’t It Cool News reports that the Lucasfilm panel at the New York Comic Con was less than spectacular. Ever since the prequels, Lucas’ company has lost some luster in the PR department. They’re getting about as interesting as the Yellow Pages. Too bad because with a little spin and some actual teasers, they fans would be rabid again instead of just tempered. Rehashing the same crap and actually making the Comic Con in New York a platform for announcing that Lucasfilm is releasing another Young Indiana Jones DVD at exorbitant prices and yet another Indy release on separate DVD’s is not only annoying and unimaginative but it’s an insult to the fans’ intelligence.

I am still a Star Wars/Indy nut, but I think Lucas could use some new blood in the Marketing Department. Maybe his kids will find a way to infuse new life into the franchise and actually take some risks, someday. Sometimes I feel that the best I can say about the PT is that they were safe. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Some fantastic CG was accomplished but it overshadowed the story arc, which lent almost nothing to the OT. I remember when Lucas announced the PT that he specifically said he would not do them unless they changed how people viewed the OT in some dramatic way. All jokes aside, he did not accomplish this goal as a screenwriter and moviemaker.

Anyway, read the AICN report on the Lucas panel (plus more) at New York Comic Con at AICN:

This panel was, for the most part, lame. I don't know if it was quite "prequels lame." But it was close.

Ludicrous Speed.

Of course they were not the only ones. Hudson Valley Blog Party was disappointed too.

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