Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled Heats Up DIGG

My rant on DIGG 's commentary for the Bad Astronomer's post on why he thinks NPR and History Channel are wrong to run the Expelled movie's advertisements.

I'm sorry but I think Expelled is right-winged, pseudo-scientific crap. They don't even give the Flying Spaghetti Monster equal time, who everyone knows is the REAL designer of the Universe. BTW, the Theory of Evolution is a set of explanations based on observation, which in its simplest form is the definition of a scientific theory as opposed to Intelligent Design, which is a hypothesis (a guess) and, by the way, untested. Of course, in a place of worship, ID is not even a theory, it’s a belief, which is not the same as a scientific theory. The two are mutually exclusive.

People who attend church (or temple in my case) are not dumb. People (like Mr. Stein) who try to take what they hear in church and try to cram it into science, now those people are dumb.

Read the DIGG comments and the Bad Astronomer post.

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