Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wash And Dry Gets A Hero In Laundry Warrior

This is the first I am hearing of this but it looks interesting. Variety reports that the producer from Lord of the Rings, Barrie Osborne will be joining Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth and a star from Korea, Jang Dong-gun in the new fantasy/action flick, `Laundry Warrior,' being filmed in New Zealand. Newcomer Sngmoo Lee has written the script and will direct the movie. As of now, ‘Laundry Warrior’ has a budget of $45 million but it seems that this ambitious project will need more cash, though it is said to be a “green screen” filmed movie so most of the work will probably be done in a computer.

According to reports, the story is about a fugitive Asian warrior (Dong-gun) who hides out in the badlands of America. Another fighter, posing as a town drunk (Rush), and a circus performing knife thrower (Bosworth) join forces in this Samurai/Western. The look of the film is said to have the same style as “300” but brighter, more like anime.

Personally, I am very excited about this project. Some of the recent pseudo, half live-action, part-CG films have left me flat, looking too dark and dreary—perhaps on purpose considering the forced limitations of the technique. Perhaps “Laundry Warrior” will put this genre of moviemaking onto a new path.

One of the producers, Michael Peyser said that he and Osborne are looking to make “non-Amerocentric, world-scale movies.”

He went on to say that:

With 15 set-piece action sequences and use of every kind of weapon from swords and machine guns to dynamite, plus 50 carnival tricks, 'Laundry Warrior' lends itself perfectly to the downloading and gaming environments.

Post-production will be done at Weta Workshops, famous for their excellent work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming Hobbit movies, among other shops in Korea, India and the U.S.

If you are wondering about the title, it’s called “Laundry Warrior” because the fugitive warrior played by Jang Dong-gun takes a job as a laundryman. And proving that dreams really do come true, Sngmoo Lee’s debut comes after teaching film school at the New York Film Academy in New York for five years.

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