Friday, April 18, 2008

DIGG THIS: NBC Still Mad At iTunes

My friend Xen shared this Digg(ed) article with me.

I am channeling John C. Dvorak here:


This is the stupidest guy on the planet right now. (George Kliavkoff, NBC Chief Digital Officer?) DRM is going to be a dead issue in a few years (or sooner) for movies. Even with "Apple's fairly liberal DRM scheme" as the article professes. It's almost dead for music now that Amazon sells DRM free music. I think this guy's the type to drag the Movie/TV industry down the way Music Execs did to music industry. It's not Apple's fault people download music illegally. I did it before I ever heard of apple or an iPod. (Did I say that? I mean people I once knew who I do not associate with anymore did it.) What a nincompoop. Doesn't he realize that it's bandwidth and fast Internet connections that have made movie piracy possible? Doesn't he realize that you can't beat people who want to download music and movies illegally? Just offer consumers a realitic price point with a variety of access points and they will do the right thing. Someone told me that people don't steal music and movie to get money (as opposed to say, bank robbers and subprime mortgage investors) they just want to listen to music and wtch movies. They want the damn product. Stupid people run the business word.


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