Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Single Mother Single Handedly Takes On The RIAA

I first read about this in a Business Week article titled, "Does She Look Like A Music Pirate?" but apparently this case has been getting online pixel ink for a while.

The long and short of it is that this woman, Tanya Andersen, was wrongfully sued by the RIAA for downloaded music. It was discovered that the user name the recording industry thugs associated with her account was someone else's. Typical. What happens is that these guys show up at your door with a subpoena and tell you that you'd better settle for thousands of dollars since you're going to loose anyway. "Might as well give up the goods now," they tell you, "because you know that we know that you know that you're guilty."

Seems that they messed with the wrong woman this time. Good thing for people like Tanya Andersen.

Cohenside supports her efforts because:

A) She's a single mother and I have a soft spot in my heart having been raised by one.

B) The RIAA is an umbrella organization for the Communist Party--no kidding, check it out for yourself.

C) I hate big, heartless, rich, corporations that pick on the little guy. (Or girl in this case.)

D) The record industry had a horrendous track record (pun intended) of treating its talent like slave labor and now it's trying to sue the consumers for downloading some songs so they can continue to rape the artists and the consumers equally and make globs of money.

Read about it here on the Wired Blog, but also do a Google search to find out more.

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