Thursday, June 19, 2008

Might As Well Be Science Fiction

The New York Times reports that Tim Russert's son, Luke, got the two presumed presidential candidates to sit together and then hug each other. Perhaps we should be voting Luke Russert (who is only 22 years old) to be our next president.

In death, Tim Russert did on Wednesday what no living journalist has accomplished this campaign season: he got Barack Obama and John McCain to sit together and talk, quietly.

Specifically, it was Mr. Russert’s son, Luke, 22, who got the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees together. He requested that they sit next to each other at his father’s funeral at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Then, in remarks from the pulpit, he exhorted them and other politicians to “engage in spirited debate but disavow the low tactics that distract Americans from the most important issues facing our country.” At the end of the service, the two candidates embraced.

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