Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metallica Makes As Much Sense As Dick Cheney At A Quail Hunt

Or maybe it’s the drugs. Perhaps it’s the fact that the band is so far removed from its garage band days that it can’t remember when it was cold and hungry and would have done any immoral or illegal act (and probably did do any immoral or illegal act) to get their music heard. Or maybe it’s that their management is contracted to Beazulbub. Whatever the case, Metallica has shown its age again.

I first read about it in my RSS Feed Reader of an ars technical post titled, “Metallica to bloggers: don't review our music” written by Nate Anderson:

Given all that Metallica has done, said, and been through in the last 20 years, what could they still do that would lead bloggers to ask, "What the hell is wrong with Metallica?" In this case, the answer is fairly pedestrian but still dumb: censor bloggers… Read the rest of the article here at ars technical.

Then I followed a link to the Wired Listening Post blog to get more on the scoup in a post titled, “Metallica Kills Early Reviews of Upcoming Album” by Eliot Van Buskirk:

Oh, Metallica, why can't you get it right? The band seemed to have learned somewhat from the dark days of the Napster debacle by offering fans online access to pre-release material and in-studio video footage, but now it has apparently unleashed another potentially damaging fiasco upon itself by forcing bloggers to take down reviews of their upcoming album… Read the rest of the article here at Wired.

Aparantly Metallica’s management said that they invited reporters to listen to the music so they wouldn’t write about it only because the music they heard was an early mix. Why invite reporters to an event and then not specifically tell them they shouldn’t write about it or sign a non-disclosure agreement?

That makes as much sense as inviting Dick Cheney to a quail hunt and expecting him not to shoot anyone in the face.

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The Phoenix said...

Maybe they'll release their next album on 8 track.