Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facebook The Movie: Coming Soon

The West Wing creator says his grandmother has more Internet savvy than he does, and she's been dead for 33 years. Already I'm not feeling it about this movie. Shouldn't someone who knows a little bit about Facebook already and can make a decent movie be working on this project? Seems like there might be one or two around that fits the bill. I am not confident. Looks like a flop in the making and an embarrassment to the Facebook folks. Unless they get some really, really good consultants. Think the Facebook members out there will be kind or critical on the group he's starting on Facebook to learn this Internet thingy -- not a direct quote but it may as well be. From "Aaron Sorkin, a man whose discomfort with the Internet goes way, way back to the days he got angry at the Television Without Pity message boards, is writing a movie about the founding of Facebook."

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