Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing Olympics most-watched event in TV history.

So despite all the controversy (or probably more like--because of it) the Olympics this year are set to go down in history as the most-watched television event of all time. We had Michael Phelps (A.K.A. Aqualad) and the Chinese accused of screwing around with time travel and somehow getting children who are too young to compete in gymnastics, aged appropriately before their years. Amazing, those Chinese and what they can accomplish when they put their minds to it, ain't it? Anyhow. In this year of broken records and human rights issues, it seems that Americans don't need all that sappiness and backstory to may hay out of the Olympics. All they need is a mutant and a little good old fashioned Communism. I suspect that the web aspect also fueled a cross viewership to the television. The hype was upheld. Now we know that 2008 Chinese can bang a drum in sync. Who would have thunk it? From the blog post: "Through 15 days of coverage, 208.7 million viewers have watched the Olympics on NBC Universal (including the NBC broadcast network and its cable channels), according to Nielsen Media Research."

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