Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is Journalism As We Know It Dying?

There was a very good Opinion piece in the New York Times on the state of Journalism and Newspapers. I am in communications and a writer so I have a vested interest in this debate. A very good version of this discussion took place on Episode 121 of the Cranky Geeks podcast very recently. On that show they debated whether bloggers need professional journalistic training or would the market (and lawsuits) sort them all out. That is still open for debate but as I read in July/August 2008 Poets & Writers citizen journalists are doing what those gonzo journalists used to do in politics but now they do it in real time. It creates an interesting off-shoot of the creative non-fiction genre, especially when the author of the article cites how the scene is being filtered through individual opinion and POV.

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