Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: $35 Tickets – Part I

By Lon S. Cohen

With the decline in people going to an actual movie theater in favor of home based entertainment, the future of movie making will become highly fractured. Soon investors will be building luxury theaters that will cost $35 per ticket. Better hope that the real estate market comes back so you can tap into that equity to take the kiddies to see the next summer blockbuster.

So you think that the price of gas is getting ridiculously high? Well, a few investors think that the movie going public could have a little wiggle room left in their pocketbooks and imagine the day that you will shell out three and a half ten dollar bills for the experience. Of course you will be getting more bang for the buck, with reclining leather seats and state of the art projectors (3-D!) They will also be offering concierge service serving culinary delights such as sushi, all for an added price of course. What with the living room home video and sound systems rivaling anything that the local $2 could ever offer, most people opt to stay home instead of venturing out to watch a movie.

And who could blame them? After financing that large television screen and surround sound, then factor in the price of their DVD (or HD-DVD) collection and then put in the price of gasoline per gallon, it hardly seem economical these days to get your fat butt of the couch.

The investors involved in these luxury chains are betting that a superior experience inside the theater will do the trick. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that what’s on the screen will be crap nine times out of ten. How pissed would you be if you paid $35 at the door and your date then ordered the steak tartar only to be exposed to less than two hours of entertainment and said entertainment was “Drillbit Taylor?”

You’re starting to see the big picture here aren’t you? The problem is less that the movie going public doesn’t want to go to the theater because their home system is too good (though I will admit that is a major part of the issue at hand), it’s that there seems to be less and less actually on the big screen that needs to be seen, well, on a big screen.

A few event movies will grab people out of their homes and practically make them put their butts into an actual theater, no matter if there is some illegal prerelease “For Academy Consideration Only” version available at the latest Bittorent site or not.

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