Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Jewish Mother Now Guilts Me Virtually So I May Write A Book...

"Virtual nagging," not to be confused with "virtual guilt" or "virtual kvetching."

All this and more is a part of the new New York Times Bestseller, "The Jewish Mother's Guide to the Internet." Jewish Mothers can learn how to nag, kvetch and guilt from anywhere at anytime to any one of her children no matter how far away they move. Learn how to leave emails, text messages and comments on status updates on your children's Facebook page. Long distance nagging is a thing of the past. Rambling kvetch sessions left on answering machines have proven ineffective. If you think the M in IM stands for Mishugaas then you need this book!

No more waiting days or weeks for a response! The internet has become the YENTA-NET.

Listen to what Jewish mothers are saying:

"I read the whole megillah and I didn't understand a word of it." - Sadie from South Beach.

"My son's a mensch but he's a bit nebbish so I hacked into his email account and sent invitations to dinner and a movie out to all the nice Jewish girls in his address book. This computer hacking is a mitzvah!" - Celia from Cedarhurst.

Call now!

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