Monday, October 27, 2008

Comparing Apples to Apples or ACORN to Acorns.

I Read this article about voter suppression. People were comparing voter suppression to the situation that came up about ACORN and equating them to each other, saying if they are both true, it’s a wash.

Actually that's not true. If voter suppression is taking place, it's much worse than ACORN. What happened with ACORN was that the group was paying people to go out and REGISTER voters. Those fake voters they registered were never going to vote for anybody. It was the people ACORN hired to get the voters registered that falsified the records. If Mickey Mouse and Batman came to the voting booth as registered voters then that might be worse than voter suppression, but it's not happening. In the case of this article, actual legitimate voters (and the article implies that it is registered Democrats that this is happening to) are having their right to vote in this election revoked because of some scrub list and that fraudulent activity is taking place for this to happen. If true then it's disgraceful. But it's probably happening to both Dems and Repubs. Either way, it's a travesty for our nation and Democracy in general.

Read the article.

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The Phoenix said...

What a mess.

Either way, I'm still not voting for Obama. (Sorry)