Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tweeting Pirates

I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Tweeted my way through half of it. Thought I'd repost it here:

Interesting: Watching John Adams with my 5 y.o. son. He heard the theme music and thought it was Pirates. Thus, we’re watching movie now.

“We named the monkey Jack,” from Pirates reminds me of Indy 3 when Connery says “We named the dog Indiana.” Equally funny in both movies.

Best line in Pirates said by Capt. Barbossa: “You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You’re in one!”

Great job by ILM with the SFX. The story drives the logic behind the SFX, not the other way around as in the Star Wars prequels.

In podcast by screenwriters of Pirates re: sequels: They spoke about how they realized they could use the Compass as a plot device. Clever.

J. Depp is a brilliant actor--since 21 Jump Street. Equal parts leading man & character actor. Very few could pull off the roles he’s done.

Who else could make a double-crossing rogue so lovable. He’s what Han Solo appeared to be in the unrevised Star Wars IV.

In Pirates 3 the casting of Keith Richards was a bit gratuitous (bad acting) but brilliant (I was like, of course, he IS a PIRATE!)

I want Orlando Bloom’s career. (And his looks.)

When I first saw Pirates I thought, “THIS is what it felt like when I first saw Raiders!” I was 11 then so basically, like a kid again.

Another parallel between Raiders and Indy, there’s a little monkey who causes trouble.

Pirates movie is really what the word swashbuckler was invented for, wasn’t it? Here’s hoping Indy IV is a rip-roaring adventure.

Hard to believe Pirates is a live-action Disney film, which usually aren’t this down and dirty.

My wife’s favorite line: “The Rum’s gone.” “Why is the Rum gone?” We say it whenever we finish a bottle of anything alcoholic.

I always counter: “They’ll be no living with her after this.” Jack says it after the ship comes to rescue them off the deserted isle.

Of course the 2 comical pirates and 2 British soldiers are reminiscent of R2 and 3PO. Who are supposed to be based on Kurosawa characters.

“You’re off the edge of the map. Here there be monsters.” – Barbossa. Geoffrey Rush is just the bomb.

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