Tuesday, May 06, 2008


After spending some time trying out both MarsEdit and Ecto--two offline Blog editor programs--I found them both to be lacking. While they may be good for posting text only blogs, I use images heavily and they simply had no good image layout and control. MarsEdit could import images from my hard drive but lacked a way to scale and lay them out on the page. Ecto was even worse. I could only import images from iPhoto or from some of my Internet photo accounts (like Fickr) and the program lacked good image layout. Admittedly I did not spend too much time playing around but I don't want to resize and layout blog posts in HTML.

Tragically, I tried to write and upload a post to one of my blogs from Ecto the post came up empty. When I tried to go back to the application to see what went wrong, the entire post was gone.

So I must now go back to writing my blog posts in Word and laying them out only when I am connected to the Internet, which stinks because I spend a lot of time commuting on the train and it would have been nice to have a good, working blog editing application that worked offline.

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Daniel Jalkut said...

Thanks for giving MarsEdit a try. I am the developer and appreciate that the lack of image resizing/layout is a drag. I can't give any specific estimates but just so you know I see this as important so I hope to make improvements in this workflow as the product develops.