Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Scale of The Universe Application

Nikon has this cool Flash application on their site called Universcale. What it does is take you through the relative size of the universe from the scale of the current limit (about 13 Billion Light Years) to the tiniest measurement that has not even yet been meaured (Fentometer or a Quadrillionth of a Meter.) The coolest thing is to start on the right side with the light year and then punch down to the left at the scale zooms through all the size ranges. It's a penalty killer I'll tell you that.

What's also cool is the narrative text that will make you feel like walking out of work and to go sit on a high mountain to contemplate the implications. Ex. At the Fentometer, the site says that in this realm the concept of size as we understand it may not even exist. WHOAH! This is the size of quarks and ultimately strings (from string theory.) Not the other kind of string.

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