Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photos of the Moon-Venus conjunction

This morning I had a little extra time so I was able to snap a few digital photos of the "Spectacular Moon-Venus conjunction at break of dawn" that I wrote about yesterday. It was even better this morning, which I was glad for. I also quickly grabbed my binoculars to see if I could tell the phase of Venus through them but I wasn't able to. Binoculars are very unsteady so you have to be sitting or better yet laying down to really be able to spy something as small as a speck of light in the sky with any clarity. (Which is why we use mounted telescopes for sky gazing.) Just wanted to share my photos. I did adjust the colors in Photoshop to make the Moon and Venus stand out better.

One day when I can afford it, I'd invest in a good telescope. For now, I'm in a light polluted area of Long Island, as I mentioned, so I'm in no rush.

Enjoy the photos (Click on them to make them bigger.):

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The Phoenix said...

I'm impressed - you did a great job. I've been dreaming of getting a nice telescope as well. Nothing fancy, but there's so much light pollution around here.