Wednesday, September 03, 2008 - Palin Queries Push McCain To Skip CNN

Apparently McCain has taken the issue of foreign policy off the table by picking Palin and then boycotting CNN. Oddly now that the Republicans have a candidate that appears flawed in all the areas they attacked Obama on, they now refuse to even speak to the media about it or answer questions. The debates are going to be interesting, indeed. In other news, Obama had a private sit down with Fox over their coverage of his campaign. Seems that's the more, ahem, stately and diplomatic way to handle the media. But what do you expect from this hot head (McCain)? Folks, do we want a gentleman or a nutcase in the White House? From the report: "McCain abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live" in retaliation for an earlier interview on the network, in which an anchor raised questions about vice-presidential candidate Palin's foreign policy credentials."

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