Sunday, November 26, 2006

HD-DVD versus Blu Ray

I am referring to the article that I blogged below about HD-DVD versus Blu Ray.

Personally, I will not be switching to either format any time soon. I will be one of those who waits until I can download the movie and then archive it on a Hard Drive. But I think Sean Cooper is missing one piece of the puzzle. I would want a format that I could save a movie on portable media (HD-DVD probably) and archive it or take it with me so I can watch it on my TV.

I do not think that "On-Demand" or Movie Rental Downloading to a set top box (like what Netflix is proposing to do) are anywhere near ready. I guess I will have a long time to wait. Maybe it's a generational thing but I like the feeling of actually owning the physical movie rather than the "file" on a hard drive only. Or worse yet, the ability to watch a movie anytime from my TV just because I bought the viewing rights. Perhaps a backlog of older movies can be sold on a subscription basis like where you can buy the right to view any movie from Paramount or MGM's library of movies from before 10 years ago for a fee per month, I might try that. Or If Netflix can make it so that I can have the movie and access it anytime until I choose another movie similar to the current DVD service if their library is as extensive as it is now, I might buy into that. But download times for HD movies have to become faster or it will not be worth it.

Basically if I buy the latest Star Wars movie, I want to watch it anytime I want unrestricted like I do now. I don't want network logjams, server outages or corrupted files to get in the way. When my popcorn is ready my movie better be ready.


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