Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Star Wars Death Star

Did they really have civilians on the Death Star?

I’ve heard from very bizarre sources that people believe that civilians were aboard the Death Star keeping it running including, families with children and hired help. This, in effect, makes Luke Skywalker’s heroic act more like an act of terrorism. I couldn’t disagree more. In a forward position during a war-as I suspect everyone would consider the Imperial fight against the Alliance a war-there is never a soldier who brings along his family. Enlisted officers carry out most of the utility jobs like food service and maintenance and anything else is outsourced to people who know the risks that come along with being in a military zone. I can’t imagine that The Dark Lord of the Sith would allow children and wives to come along with his Stormtrooper brigades-those that weren’t clones, I mean.

The Death Star is a floating war machine. It’s the ultimate mechanized weapon. The most powerful force in the galaxy. How many people really think that civilians are bopping around that thing, getting in the way, growing gardens and teaching little children to read and do arithmetic. I think not.

In a forward position the military mindset seems to be that the less distraction from the job at hand, the better. I assume that Darth Vader and his Grand Moffs will want the utmost attention and precision from their troops. Stormtroopers get kinds soft when they have to change dirty diapers.

All of the people aboard that Death Star and especially Death Star II were soldiers, contractors or mercenaries. None of them were innocent, they were waging war. If anything, the Rebels would be the ones who harbored civilians within their ranks. Sure many of their best pilots and soldiers were defected Imperials but there were also the believers in the cause, regular folk who joined the rebellion to fight the great oppression of Emperor Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker.


The Phoenix said...

I'm a big Star Wars fan, but not a fanatic. It's just a movie, and I find it funny that there are bizarre people out there talking as if the Death Star was real.

Seriously, when you stop and think about it, putting children and civilians onboard the Ultimate Weapon in the Galaxy would be a great way to keep the Rebels from destroying them.

Very Saddamish.

ObilonKenobi said...

I believe Timothy McVeigh once made a reference to the Death Star when asked why he bombed civilians on the Oaklahoma bombings, saying that he was like a rebel and that the Death Star probably contained innocent government workers too. Very scary!!!

Though, putting civilians in harms way has been a strategy of evil despots for centuries and seeing how he killed children in Episode 3 he might do it in the Death Star.

Clublint said...

I don't believe that civilians were on the death star.

Like it has been previously stated it was a war machine and all the storm troopers were expendable clones, so why have civilians when they had storm troopers that could be made and put into servility without all the hassle that individual civilians could create.