Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Of Heroes & Superheroes Update...

I think that DC heroes can transfer better into films if they follow the Marvel Model. They need to allow the films to deviate from the comics cannon just enough to make it work. Batman Begins worked for many people (not me) because of that. See, if X-Men were running around in their colored tights like the comics characters and not cool, sexy leather suits then it would not have worked. Superman the Movie I & II (again III & IV were disasters!) worked because of the Special Effects and irreverent storyline and dialogue. I agree with the comments in my post in that Superman is great because everyone else's alter ego is a Superhero and Superman's alter ego is one of us. That misplaced god type figure wanting to be mortal is a great story!! I hope this new version touches on that.

My gripe about all movies adapted from comics and television is that they are not epic enough. They can't be just another version on the same old episode or comic strip. It has to be worth me getting a babysitter, plunking down $50 bucks in food and tickets, making a special trip out of the house and still sitting through commercials (that's a whole other post in itself). I don't want to see just another episode of Star Trek or $2.00 comic book storyline. I want the characters to change, to grow. Even if it doesn't reverberate with the ongoing series or monthly title I want something more than the 2-dimensional image on screen.

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